Nathan Cohen
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C12Initially, the work was made with mahogany and all colour eliminated in a desire to explore the properties of the material and to define as clearly as possible the structure of the form. The grain of the wood gave directional value indicating a pathway through each piece and revealing its method of construction. Subsequent work began to explore how structure could be related to colour, with specific choices made according to different ordering principles in relation to the construction of each piece.

A shift to working with aluminium allowed for greater stability in the projection of linear elements, with the work of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s exploring structures which moved away from the orthogonal and articulated the space in more dynamic ways. Each element represents a particular journey between two given points in space, each relating to the structure of the whole. Colour values for the linear elements relate to their location and directional value, with all colours mixed proportionally from three primary colours.

Nathan Cohen Untitled Series C12/No 1, 1986 Nathan Cohen Stem 1990