Nathan Cohen
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Nathan Cohen’s work has evolved over the years and in the construction of his pieces and his writings he considers the process analogous to making a journey. A love of the landscape informed his early work, stimulated by childhood experiences of living in New Mexico and travels through Europe. Over time a preoccupation with what underpins the forms seen and with the processes of making has resulted in a more abstract approach to creating images. NanzenjiBut to Cohen there is continuity, with references made in the work today resonant with memories and diverse sources of inspiration.

During the early 1980’s an increasing affinity for the work of painters and architects of the De Stijl, Russian Suprematist and Constructivist movements manifested itself in a more systematic approach to constructing his images. This, coupled with an interest in the art and architecture of the Renaissance, led to the development of a working process which continues to the present. Much like an architect will produce a blue-print for a building, Cohen makes many drawings exploring different themes and methods of construction. Over a period of months these will result in a selection of images which are then made into pieces. All decisions are made at the drawing stage regarding the structure, composition and colour for a work, with no changes to the design during the making process.