Exhibited at the British Library in the Philatelic Collection display as part of the exhibition Encounters between Art and Science (25th February – 24th March 2013). These artworks are available for purchase individually and as a set as signed limited edition prints. For further details:

Postage stamps offer us a window onto the world. They also constitute collectively an historical set of artworks that continue to fascinate and are collected by people globally. It is remarkable that an image so small can convey all the information required and in a way that is pictorially coherent and intriguing.

This small group of stamps I have created play with the notion of ‘proof’, both in the philatelic/printing sense of the word and by association with ‘science’ in the subject matter depicted. For this exhibition I have adapted philatelic designs that reference the Tapling Collection at the British Library and span 140 years and 3 countries. Scientific references have been added in keeping with the dates the stamps were originally issued or, as in the case of 2 of the designs, might have been issued. A short explanatory text describes each design within an imagined context.

The Philatelic and Science collections at the British Library offer a unique insight into human imagination, creativity and ingenuity and have been a rich source of inspiration in the creation of these artworks.

Oxford English Dictionary definition of ‘proof’: n. fact or evidence or argument sufficing or helping to establish fact or truth of something; trial impression of printed matter.

Nathan Cohen

Digital artwork editing: Reiko Kubota
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